Thursday, August 30, 2007

castings.. castings..

I am finding my fashion pre week to be as busy as most casting directors. Hmm maybe not that busy, but I have seen many amazing faces. One in particular stands out and from what I hear she has exclusives all over town. Courtney from Elite. She is MAJOR

Amazon & the shorty

Come on already.. I am 6'3 and I am always the tallest on my shoots. So being the second tallest kind of hurt my ego. I had to leave the shoot early to go my therapist, I have not been the same since. ha ha
Tiiu is fantastic. Her height is mind blowing and her beauty is stunning. We love Tiiu.

my poochies

There has been a little interest in my dogs as of late..Iggy was recently street casted for a puppy clothing line. Big has been sought after by the Humane Society as their poster dog.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Shot today for Vogue.. first time in many months I was in New York shooting. Such a great day. The tourists, the traffic, the cabs all of them on bustling 5th ave. I am personally a huge fan of James Mooney at Art Dept. The lovely Vicky Steckel whom added her artistry to the gorgeous flawless COVERGIRL face of Tiiu also at Art Department. A mooring of chatter led to some amazing images with the addition of our researcher and extra eye Billy Cole. All of us brought together by the wonderfully talented Sarah Gore Reeves of Art-Dept. You can not buy days like today, it was completely perfect!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

On the road in Russia with Jay Bulger..model,actor,producer,director and writer

My friend Jayson Bulger aka Jay, Dick, the Bulge, the Champ among others, is one of those people you meet in life that makes you smile for his happiness. I met Jayson a few years back as a struggling male model. Introduced by Paolo from my old agency. I was promised that Jay and I would be best friends. At first I was taken aback. He had his hair corn rowed and was wearing tons of eyeliner straight from the fashion shows at Bryant Park. We drank with my fav bartender in the world at sidewalk and our friendship continued to grow. Since that time Jay went on to tell me tales of his life that seemed lies and day dreams. I mean they seemed ridiculous. made my crazy life seem like bland baby food. The story fo being at the Chinese Fashion Awards tripping on acid doing interviews, being chauffeured around China in a private jet, climbing the great wall and other things only few ever experience was enough to let me know that he lives the life of the new Hemmingway. Jay returned to America with one thing on his mind. DOMINATION!! Well, as it turned out Dick took all of his talent and became a music video director and producer, actor, writer and most recently and gaining tons of press as a tv show creator. I met with Jay as he was filming a segment for the pilot in the back woods of Russia. He was up to his old antics, living the life! The shows first trailer looks hilarious. It goes to a place that no other show has gone to THE LIFE OF MALE MODELS.. this is no Fabio dumb ass butter shit. This is the real deal marked with more sarcasm than you can throw a can of tuna at. Check it out before it hits the TV and the big screen.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I got a sneak preview of an BRILLIANT book by my friend the elusive photographer ANDREW HETHERINGTON.. Elusive because he spends 250 days a year on the road. Between the assignments and the projects he works on and the various charities he is apart of.. This guy is hard to get a hold of.. So the prize..
THE BOOK! It was ANDY and brilliant. I try to never use that word, but I had too. Sidenote..One needs to respect the other artist and enjoy what they do and not look at them as crazy competition. One love..
commentary over.
The link to his site
It was great to be able to get a sneek peek. You will have to go to Dashwood books to buy this limited quantity and ever evolving book of his.. A major achievement by a first rate and ever sarcastic friend of mine. Big up!
Dashwood Books seems like the last of the old school of great photo book stores of the right books to buy for a collection. This is the place. I bumped into some photographer there signing his book. I am sure he was rich... He spent a couple grand on book with his amex.. a moment. right?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Fine Art Representation by Peter Halpert Fine Art

hello all.... I am excited to share with you more great news today. I was recently discovered by Peter Halpert the gallery owner who discovered the legendary photographer Ryan McGinley. I was introduced to Peter by photographer Roberto De Luna a couple months ago. I got up my nerve and I contacted Peter about showing him some of my fine art work that had only been seen by a few select people. I was greatly encouraged to find a gallery, yet I never wanted to show my personal work. I was pushed in the direction of Peter Halpert the man behind the unbelievable success story of Ryan.

A few editing sessions and a few lunches led to my invitation for a solo exhibition
at Peter Halpert Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea in the spring of 2008. I seemed to have hooked into the best months to show in NYC. I got the prime spot of the year. CRAZYY
Esp if you know me.. it's crazy. So know I must draw a line between my fine art and my commercial work. EASY.. I love to shot and have fun. SO cheers to everyone who helped make that happen and cheers to picking up a camera.

My first VOGUE story out on the stands now!!!

I can't wait to see it.. My first Vogue Story!! Styled by the amazing Sarah Gore Reeves represented by Art-Dept, Starring Lonneke at IMG.
Hair by Benoit at ARt-Dept as well and on makeup the wonderful trickster Kyriaki with Simone at Factory Downtown. An excellent two days in Prague filled with laughs and non stop coffee and cigs.


Jeff Olson "the comeback kid" on the cover of this months Picture Magazine

Can you believe it... The second time in a couple years that Picture Magazine has written an article about me.. So awesome
of Brock and the rest of the team over at Picture. Click on the link below to read the
full article written by legendary author Christina Hinke. I swear I did not say half the things she wrote ;-) !! Check it out
It is a great look at who I am and what I do !!!!!

"A superb read" NY Times July 21st 2007
"A rising star" New Yorker July 2007
"A gifted talent and waiting for his opening" Art Forum August 2007
"An inspiration to all" Tony Robbins

Take a moment and have a read... should put a smile on your face!

Picture Magazine out now !!!

Can you believe it... The second time in a couple years that Picture Magazine has written articles about me.. So awesome
of Brock and the rest of the team over at Picture. Well they did a feature article on me.. click on the link below to read the
full article written by legendary author Christina Hinke. I swear I did not say half the things she wrote ;-) !! Check it out
it is a great look at who I am and what I do !!!!!

latest edition to the family


"IGGY" the 14 week old Brussels Griffon from Florida.. Iggy survived a short flight up from Miami in first class..SPOILED already.
I must make a note.. I am not a little dog fan at ALL !! I love big dogs! But what can I do .. the fiance wanted a dog, I am gone all the time and after saying no to a little dog for almost a year now. I broke down and said yes. humm. This started a search for a Brussels Griffon .. what is that? It's the dog from the movie "As Good As It Gets" starring Jack Nicholson.
To make a long story longer.. Shopping for a dog with a woman is a bit crazy... all the demands you would expect plus many many more. One thing leads to another and bam I am hooked on this breed.. The next thing I know.. I want one too. I think it would be so badass to bring a little scrapper to my shoots... I am 6'3 and my pooch would be 5 inches... Jeff and Big..
Can't wait for a new contributor page photo. Imagine Big standing 'Tall' and me and my crazy style. Black and white shot low..
GREAT pic ! back to the story.. Big arrives next week from Salt lake City. I got suckered into flying to SLC and back in the same day (leave 5am-back in nyc at midnight) to pick up "BIG" .. more on her later. Now the only thing I worry about is not stepping on Iggy.. She is 2.1 lbs and 7 inches tall.. desperately waiting for the "Dog Whisperer" to train the little beast. haha she rocks my world.
PSSSSSSS..... Iggy was purchased at this place outside of Miami where over 39 celebrities have found there poochies, like OZZY Osbourne and all the others who caved in when the wife said "I want a little dog". Anyways check them out!!!