Tuesday, November 27, 2007

streets of San Salvador

It's the latest fad in San Salvador. Double barrel shotgun private guards. They all look badass, but what a job. While I was there I noticed that everywhere you go, these guys were on the job looking menacing with there big guns. Tire changing shops, video stores, McD's, banks, flower shops, taco stands. I am beginning to think that robbery is a national pastime in El Salvador. Why so much crime?

on location in swamps of ???

It's been awhile since I uploaded anything on my blog.. Hmm seems to be a recurring problem with me. Actually I am gone so often and I tend not to update when I am on the road because of many various reasons. Please don't hate! I will try to correct the problem. In the meantime I will overload you with pieces of my travels and new stories and photographs.


hey all.. My friend Jay Bulger needs your help. Jay is an ex-model friend of mine who is a man with a creative energy that never sleeps. He writes, directs music videos, and is now directing a worldwide Pepsi commercial. He asked me for my help in casting.
Jay will be traveling the world looking for young (late teens -early 20's) artists who are creating interesting and off the beaten track things.

He gave me an example of a artists who builds dog houses in the middle of Siberia.

Please send your casting ideas to me and I will forward them to Jay

He will be in the middle east, russia, china, russia, Spain and many other countries.

This will start shooting in a week. So send me your info asap