Thursday, October 22, 2009

last night's book signing with Walton Ford.

we were there, 1st in line. I was super sick and super surprised to see what he looked like. I think all artists are curious what the other looks like. Not an ego think, strictly curious about what an artist looks like vs. what his art looks like. Make sense?
Anyways too ill to get a photograph. Here is the invite

Latest Apple iPhone commercial--Watch it before it's removed

OBAMA- Tuesday night

I donated to the campaign, I do what I can to support and get my friends involved in their future.
Here is a pic from a very moving night for me.

more new work

new work

I love it when I receive awesome emails from adoring fans

If your not the raging wanna try to glorify your minds eye with my spent pennys time thats a crime. I was poisioned by your abuse of sexy subjects in uninsteresting portaralys of your bravo less unsexyness. as long as you got a hot girl and your wonka ticket to bore your placement of unsightfull images with no direction i sugjest this sir. take example from the greats every one has there eye on the pie and for you to unwillingly pose to masses the hot asses the draw flyes from the crying eyes weild > GIVE IT UP SIR OR SEND ME A REAL SHOOT you can do better but you haven\'t > which makes me want a refund >

Monday, October 12, 2009

i heart photograhers by Andrew Hetherington

My friend Andy Hetherington does it again with another book! I just happen to make the cut into this one, that's me on the right next to the bearded irishman himself, Andy Hetherington. Thanks Andy!!

I Heart Photographers from andrew hetherington on Vimeo.

Monday, September 28, 2009

candy anyone..

a great candy shop down by the rivington hotel. CRAZY shit in there!

obsessed with the subway

obsessed with the subway

elevator and the bilionth self portrait


my alltime favorite airline!!!!!


lunch.. than I wanted to sleep

leaves are changing and Big and Iggy are happyyyy



Iggy on the way to the Dr. AGAIN

it seems that every time I leave for a job, I have to take one of the dogs to the vet because something happened or is happening. Iggy just happened to have two visits in one week. I can only say thank you to Pet Health Insurance.
The events leading up to the second visit were priceless. We ran out to the park for a quick walk..ahh what a nice day it was. The sun was shining, a tiny chill in the air and the squirrels were out in abundance searching for winter food. And there gos Big.. running running after squirrels. Once she sees one, she turns off her pet dog face and goes straight into KILL mode. Not what you expect from a Brussels Griffon. She is like the incredible hulk, normal playful fun loving dog and the next total psycho kill kill kill squirrels dog.
Iggy being a little calmer and more of a hunter, stalked a big grey squirrel. She went charging at it, than Big saw her out of the corner of her eye and followed like a freight train plowing right into Iggy, knocking her over. Iggy slowly stands up a bit dazed and her right front leg is bent in the wrong direction and hanging to the left. Looked like she dislocated her shoulder. I was laughing and crying at the same time. Totally fucked up.
I Call the vet, pack the dog, get money out of the atm, hop in a car service. A shot, some anti-inflammatory and a scolding! WTF? Grand total of $300 on the Amex for the vet, meds and 2 car services. Sucks ass! That was my day before I left for CA.. fun times.
btw Iggy is FINE! chasing squirrels and biting her sisters leg. ahhh the life

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Casting Page


Casting Pic.. ashley

Largest cutest gap between the teeth I have ever seen.
2 versions


Can you guess what this is...

One CLue.. it's in NYC

Breakfast Tuesday morning Village INN

ok. the worst fucking breakfast I have ever ever ever had.. the Village Inn sucks ass.

Clarks Fish Camp

Last nights dinner was had in Jacksonville, Florida at a place that had HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Taxidermy sets, set up around the tables. It was the most amazing place I have ever been too!! An idea has embedded itself in my brain!

The star of the new Cohen Bros Film MICHAEL STUHLBARG

O lady liberty

rumormill has it

Thomas Schenck
Liz Collins and others are shoot for Lands End catalogs.

times are tough..