Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

formula studios

Formula provided a great studio for a few days, and a great window to shoot the passerbys.. LOVE IT!

Jesus Juice Coature????

yea.. right!! So I am walking along 125 going to staples to get the black foamcore for
my presentation and waiting at the cross walk, I notice out of the corner of my eye, this image. I am like cool!!.. In my hood? than I read jesus juice? that's a GREAT fuckin name! and than i read coature.. How fu*kin awesome!!! not couture, by COATURE! genius I say! Genius I want to shoot all their campaigns! Someone tell them!
Fantastic name and great advertising!

Maryan Swimwear

I shot the advertising campaign for one of the lines from Maryan Swimwear. Lucky enough to work with the owner and her daughter whom will take over the company at some point. We shot on a small uninhabited island in the Caribbean a couple weeks ago. Busted out the crazy video hi def HD camera that I had no idea how to use and shot some beautiful poetry. Soon to be edited by my good friend Adam McClelland who has edited big screen pics for Abel Ferrara among others. It was two beautiful days of sun and gentle winds.. Here are a couple screen shots that I can share.. the film comes later... and yea if you are wondering.. we had this old range rover brought in and that was a huge production, but not my mess.. fun day

been too long.. missed the fam

so much is going on in NY at the moment and I am just back and about to leave again.
My friend Andy at 'what's the jackanory" will be live blogging this week at the New York Photo Festival, of which i will not be there.. In pre-production all week and shooting Friday-Tuesday. Than into another job and fianlly off to Belize for 10days on another assignment. And I wonder why I don't write more. Is ther a iPhone app for blogging on my google hosted blog? If anyone knows of one, let me know.

What up? Nylon Mexico came out, still waiting to see it! It seems you can't buy it stateside and no issue from the powers that be yet? What gives. Toying around with my book.. Shooting for it! Which is awesome! But again it all takes time..

I just pitched a huge campaign for a major company. First time ever having to story board and pitch 4 divisions of one brand and sell them my idea. I would be the Creative Director, Art Director and photographer. A dream of mine and fingers crossed I may have scored! I was in the mix with a couple AD agencies! And I came out on top! Makes you feel good to know that all your hard work, effort and hours putting together an idea and presenting it can work out! Positive Vibrations!

Sitting here waiting for an owner of a jewelry company to give me a shout about our shoot on Saturday. SO much to do and so little time. I think that's how it always is, last minute can boost creativity 100 fold or at least it does me.

Enough with my babbling.. I must be off.. Let me see if I can find a few pics.