Tuesday, July 21, 2009

today in munich

a little shot from today.. starving now.

2nd night in Munich-dinner

last nights dinner with my very very sarcastic friend Sandra and my friend Daoud whom looks like Lou Ferrigno after a litre of lager. Lucky for me they took me to my first beer garden. It was like a giant American BBQ with beer, but better and in a foreign country. I was in complete awe, wished I had my camera camera instead of my iPhone..
Hundreds a nd hundreds of people on a cool beautiful July evening, the first day after many days of storms. The Germans were out and ready to party on Monday night. YES!! My kind of country! A nice gathering of lager swilling Bavarians and a nice night for me as well.

I was notified that we would be eating and drinking here.. I was a tad intimidated standing in line staring at huge medieval renaissance sized jugs of ale that were as tall as I am, paired up with HUGE pieces of meat on gigantic bones. Women and men running around in their traditional garb. TOTALLY COOL!!

ANyways a pic of my food..
Mystery meats- Brawtwurst and and the meatloaf in which Sandra told me was delish!
tasted like baloney, but crisper on the outside


Monday, July 13, 2009


I am off to Germany on Saturday for two weeks of shoots, meetings and photo. A little nervous traveling all over with luggage and camera's.. But hey F*^k it.. YOu only live once.
I will try to post from the road.. Well see!

This week is non stop shooting. Advertising all week in the studio and shooting the main lead of the Cohen Bros new film on Wednesday. Double header. Non-stop fun for me!


must give a shout out to my pal Andy Hetherington of "what's the jackanory" fame, who just celebrated his birthday over the weekend. I did not make it to the party which I heard was the weekend draw in NYC.. Cheers mate

what does one of my pics look like unretouched

Just to share a little about my pics, I thought I would go out on a limb and show you an unretouched photo from a recent shoot. So unprofessional!!

If you are going to give me shit about this... keep it for yourself.. Just being open here..