Thursday, October 22, 2009

last night's book signing with Walton Ford.

we were there, 1st in line. I was super sick and super surprised to see what he looked like. I think all artists are curious what the other looks like. Not an ego think, strictly curious about what an artist looks like vs. what his art looks like. Make sense?
Anyways too ill to get a photograph. Here is the invite

Latest Apple iPhone commercial--Watch it before it's removed

OBAMA- Tuesday night

I donated to the campaign, I do what I can to support and get my friends involved in their future.
Here is a pic from a very moving night for me.

more new work

new work

I love it when I receive awesome emails from adoring fans

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Monday, October 12, 2009

i heart photograhers by Andrew Hetherington

My friend Andy Hetherington does it again with another book! I just happen to make the cut into this one, that's me on the right next to the bearded irishman himself, Andy Hetherington. Thanks Andy!!

I Heart Photographers from andrew hetherington on Vimeo.