Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Casting Page


Casting Pic.. ashley

Largest cutest gap between the teeth I have ever seen.
2 versions


Can you guess what this is...

One CLue.. it's in NYC

Breakfast Tuesday morning Village INN

ok. the worst fucking breakfast I have ever ever ever had.. the Village Inn sucks ass.

Clarks Fish Camp

Last nights dinner was had in Jacksonville, Florida at a place that had HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Taxidermy sets, set up around the tables. It was the most amazing place I have ever been too!! An idea has embedded itself in my brain!

The star of the new Cohen Bros Film MICHAEL STUHLBARG

O lady liberty

rumormill has it

Thomas Schenck
Liz Collins and others are shoot for Lands End catalogs.

times are tough..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my favorite building in germany

i photographed this building from so many angles, i was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me...

German dinner

celeb work just out

Moran Atias..
from her pub. Jane OH MY GOD, Moran looks unreal! Thank you!

totally f**ked by a cab thinknning I was a tourist

in the cab with my sis and hub. flagged a cab from battery park where the ferry's come in. strapped with a camera, sunglasses and my family in tow, we looked like tourists from middle america.. jeff to cab driver "bleeker and christopher" a $6 cab ride at best and 10 minutes away. the asshole takes us up the fdr to houston and crosses over.. a brilliant moment for me. i did not stop one screaming at him calling him and idiot who prey and robs tourists. i was not gonna have any of his shit. such a pain in the ass.. totally scammed. non stop berating and upon arrival, i threw 6 bucks at him and left the cab with 22$ on the meter.. FUCK YOU cab driver. don't mess with NYkr's. you are lucky I did not turn you into the taxi police.

moral to story. don't look like a tourist when you flag a cab downtown, you may be taken for an expensive ride.

my sister laughed and was delighted with a tour of lower manhattan, lower east side, east village, soho, greenwich village and finally the west village

playing tourist in my hometown NYC

been back form germany for a week. f**ked up my knee in munich.. so I spent all last week with my leg on ice and elevated. The weekend arrived fast with a trip to dc to retrieve my prints form the show. They been in storage at the inlaws. I gave a print to them and they loved it! Always nice to make someone smile.
NYC came fast on Monday morning only to find my sis and husband in the pad for a few days. Return a car to LGA, take big and iggy to the vet and viola tourist for 36 hours.
Here is a nice pic from my travels around the city.