Thursday, February 26, 2009

shooting editorial on the alpine slopes of miami

Everyone wants a photo credit


I heard some really fascinating news recently on our beloved industry of creatives and the agents whom push us. I am always on the inside scoop and dying to dish out. A blog needs to be started so everyone can add there inside editions that we all know about but seem to be too scared or nervous to say anything... Any ideas or if anyone knows of any good blogs let me know. Our industry is going down the fucking drain FAST. Agents are dropping off the face of the earth, taking millions of talents money with them. In the meantime photographers and producers and stabbing eachother in the back to make a buck. I have heard of a HUGE agency slashing prices to below 1000 a day for the photog just to get a job or how about all these assholes who will give a free day with studio and the rest just to get a client. I think it's about time for us all to tell them to go fuck themselves and man up and don't be a pussy. You are lowering out industry and soon the average dayrate will be 800 down from $8000. So if you hear of any of these people and I know who a lot of them are. Let's out them and get them the fuck out of photography. This depression is hard enough without having to worry about these scumbags.


always the best intentions

back in the city, been gone for 10 days and not a moment to spare
for an update. I always have the best intentions to update constantly especially while on the road, but you know you shoot all day, go back to the hotel, drop off the gear and hit the bar with clients, friends, agents, ect. Than you find yourself eating around 9pm and by the time you get back to the hotel it's midnight and you have a 6am call time. Where do I find the time to do anything. I vow to add more time to my day, which I have been working on.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

up late

can't sleep it's 1;20am. getting ready to get out of town again for a week. miami here I come again. Seems like I was just there. Ahhh warm weather is coming. Shooting 3 editorials and personal fine art work. Should be a nice break.
I dug these up, a polaroid from a recent casting.. ahh POLAROIDS! the smell and the stains on the fingers.
another is from the Santa Barbara fires. My digi tech and the producer went up the hills past the cops on a belly full of booze and I captured some amazing fire shots. This is one

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Virgin America to LA

I have to say that Virgin America is hands down my favorite airlines in America. It can't be beaten. The rest of the airlines in the US fall short of the service, attitude and comfort of Virgin.


Tickets for Christmas to see Metallica in New Jersey..
Beer, Jim Beam from a flask and Metallica.


all my favorite songs and more. It was a giant sing a long. I can't wait to go again.
Wanna be a groupie.. LOL


The girls. Iggy and Big!


While the economy is in the stinker and everything I make goes to the IRS, I have been having a great time shooting this year. I have had some really exciting assignments, but really I have been true to my craft and been staying on course. The photographs have been amazing, more people are seeing my work, becoming more global. Wow.. kinda cool. But in the end for me it's all about photography and exposing myself to those whom see my work.
I never go into specifics of whom I shot for and I probably never will. I don't brag about whom I shoot and whom I work for because it's just that bragging and I have no room for it. Like I said it's all about the photographs.

here a few recents.

a campaign coming out soon.. billboard material..


latest cover