Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday April 14th noon NYC

In the studio on Monday which is sometimes the greatest way to start the week and sometimes it's a drain, what can I say. This particular Monday I found myself in a new studio, Studio 385. Owned by my friend Ross of KM Camera in Tribeca. Nicely remodeled from what it looked like before. A must shoot if you want a Tribeca loft esthetic and the ability to have studio capabilities.

The day started off with my entrance into the studio, a half hour late, only to see the most beautiful model ever! Shelby from DNA. This Texas beauty was more than one could possibly want to see on a blurry Monday morning. While sipping my coffee and chatting with Carlos Davis the stylist catching up, in walked Marcelino and Claire Bayley the hair and makeup team from the top agency L'atelier. Claire is truly gifted with makeup and Marcelino whom I had not seen in some time was talented beyond imagination.

After some of my "welcome to my creative ideas and feelings" chat we all started our day which would revolve around shooting a 14-16 page story of Shelby. Shelby was.. was.. I am at a loss of words. This girl is really really special. I give mad thanks to Butterfly at DNA to pushing Shelby for the shoot. From the moment I saw her portfolio knew she was the girl for my shoot.

The day went on without a problem. The shots were flawless and in the end 4:30pm we finished our day and said our see ya soons and got the hell outside where the it was still warm and sunny.

One Monday that was an extreme pleasure>

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