Sunday, September 7, 2008

back in NYC

well I am back and let me tell ya, it's sometimes hard to comeback to the city after being gone for a few weeks. You have to pay bills,deposit checks, give your bookkeeper all the receipts, open up a huge stack of mail(which used to me fun, now it's not cool)
and think about paying the taxes. Ugh!! On top of it all you realize your laptop is starting to go downhill and your big computer has totally died. You need a new MarkIII ad the one you just bought broke on the 2nd day of shooting. Do you hear me.. Sometimes it all go to shit and that's life. I say "F*ck it" it's not the end of the world especially when you shot non stop campaign and editorial that ROCKS.
A sneak preview of one.... and remember this is my polaroid, not the final

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