Thursday, October 22, 2009

I love it when I receive awesome emails from adoring fans

If your not the raging wanna try to glorify your minds eye with my spent pennys time thats a crime. I was poisioned by your abuse of sexy subjects in uninsteresting portaralys of your bravo less unsexyness. as long as you got a hot girl and your wonka ticket to bore your placement of unsightfull images with no direction i sugjest this sir. take example from the greats every one has there eye on the pie and for you to unwillingly pose to masses the hot asses the draw flyes from the crying eyes weild > GIVE IT UP SIR OR SEND ME A REAL SHOOT you can do better but you haven\'t > which makes me want a refund >


  1. What a douche. Are they even speaking English?

  2. I think they might be an email. That's bizarre. ^.^