Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year 26 days late......

2009 is here in full force. Freezing in NYC, the heat is not working. I am wearing a jacket and gloves inside the house, typing my cold thoughts while thinking of being on a sailboat in the Bahamas or anyplace tropical and warm with cool blue waters.aahhh.

Back to reality. Obama is our Leader! thanks god!! Changes taking place daily. I read the news like a drunk craving alcohol. I want to be apart of my vote.
The economy is shit, my industry is being POUNDED! Everyone is out of work or freaking out. The massive photogs are bottom feeding. The newbies' are plugging away, they are poor and they have no overhead so shooting for peanuts is cool and paying to shoot editorial is just part of the game we play. magazines are folding, retails stores are closing, ad agencies are laying off. I am not painting a bleak picture, just stating the facts. I have friends in all aspects of the photo world. Everyone is feeling the crush. Than on top of it, the people that hire us are wanting clean images that are SAFE!
So when you want to pay the rent you gotta be safe. Easier said than done for those uf us who are a bit more creative and our style shows it.

Blah blah blah...just off the phone with an editor I am shooting with on Thursday. He was just saying how this will be a huge weeding out process, a change of the industry,
perhaps forever. he said he may have to find a new source of income and leave the industry he has been in for 2 decades.


Positivity! I feel like having Obama in office has given me a positive outlook on America for the first in my life. His drive to the top has inspired me!! I see the economy and the financial downturn, but I know there is still money to be made. If you can make it now, you can make it anytime.

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