Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maryan Swimwear

I shot the advertising campaign for one of the lines from Maryan Swimwear. Lucky enough to work with the owner and her daughter whom will take over the company at some point. We shot on a small uninhabited island in the Caribbean a couple weeks ago. Busted out the crazy video hi def HD camera that I had no idea how to use and shot some beautiful poetry. Soon to be edited by my good friend Adam McClelland who has edited big screen pics for Abel Ferrara among others. It was two beautiful days of sun and gentle winds.. Here are a couple screen shots that I can share.. the film comes later... and yea if you are wondering.. we had this old range rover brought in and that was a huge production, but not my mess.. fun day


  1. Once again you killed it on these images. What are you shooting on. Love how natural your images look.