Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2nd night in Munich-dinner

last nights dinner with my very very sarcastic friend Sandra and my friend Daoud whom looks like Lou Ferrigno after a litre of lager. Lucky for me they took me to my first beer garden. It was like a giant American BBQ with beer, but better and in a foreign country. I was in complete awe, wished I had my camera camera instead of my iPhone..
Hundreds a nd hundreds of people on a cool beautiful July evening, the first day after many days of storms. The Germans were out and ready to party on Monday night. YES!! My kind of country! A nice gathering of lager swilling Bavarians and a nice night for me as well.

I was notified that we would be eating and drinking here.. I was a tad intimidated standing in line staring at huge medieval renaissance sized jugs of ale that were as tall as I am, paired up with HUGE pieces of meat on gigantic bones. Women and men running around in their traditional garb. TOTALLY COOL!!

ANyways a pic of my food..
Mystery meats- Brawtwurst and and the meatloaf in which Sandra told me was delish!
tasted like baloney, but crisper on the outside


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  1. Try Dallmayr restaurant if you are in Munich :

    Dienerstr. 14-15, Munich, Germany
    Phone: 089-213-50-