Saturday, October 13, 2007

another day in paradise...coryK on canal st.

another day spent with coryK running around NYC. Hit canal street to capture some off the cuff images and trying to piss of the merchants with the cameras and video crew. Yes there were many of us and we managed to make it out unscathed walking and shopping on canal st. You can not even image how much attention you can receive on canal street with a camera. They hate you.. They (the merchants) chase you, yell at you, stare at you with hatred, chase after you, shove there hands in your camera, and want to fight. My god they are fu*king CRAZY!!

Cory Kennedy flew in from Paris and I was hanging for an odd moment in NYC chillin with my poochies. We decided to document an off the cuff shopping spree on the streets to see if was possible to buy an entire stylish ensemble on the street of the illegal knock off.. No wonder the attention from the merchants.
CoryK rocked it ..I convinced her to change up with her new gear in the street avoiding the paparazzi for a moment.. Running into shoe stores to do some last minute adjusting before we finished up.
All in all is was great to see my friend again. With all of our world travels it's hard to hang and catch up..
another day in paradise..

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