Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Muse.. the model agency..home to cory kennedy

so I lunched with Conor Kennedy today, the man behind and at the helm of Muse Models in NYC. Muse, a recent entrance to the model agency scene in NYC, but for Conor not the first time in the industry. Conor has been behind many faces in this world.. He was but a young teenager when he was plucked up by Michael Flutie at the landmark agency Company Models. Oh the days of lore...ah fuck it .. today is a new day and Conor is rockin the world of fashion. Look out for this AMAZING agency.. Check them out and book their models!! Let's show a ton of support for someone with an EYE!! For the Cory Kennedy fans out there, she found a home at Muse. And if you paid attention to the last names.. Greatness rolls in the Kennedy's

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  1. Is this the Muse Models that was exposed on Dateline 5-02-08 as a scam run by a Mr. Gemase (headquartered in San Antonio and Houston, Texas(?