Friday, October 12, 2007

so much.. so much

did I speak of my adventure crossing the country doing pre pro on a documentary I am working on and my fine art work.. can you call it Fine Art. I guess you can, though I consider it more of a body of documentary shot my way. Anyway, it was a journey that started at 2 am and continued for 6 days with a layover to see my grandmother in the town where I was born.That was really touching. It had been awhile and it was great to see her again. So 2am, I am off on an empty stomach and a bottle of water and one speaker that sits right behind my ear. Luckily I have my iPhone and my headphones, which means problem solved! Heading off into the black night I started to get mesmerized by the divider lines on the road.. Music pumping and my eyes feeling heavy.. Window down and 70 miles an hour on the winding roads of Massachusetts Hit the highway and see a sign for Cracker Barrel. No way will I visit some place that all of America seems to have visited. Instead, concentrate on the reason of my travels. Truck stops. Always something that intrigued me growing up out west.
4 am and starving and in need of coffee I stop at the first of many and find myself in awe. It's late I am tired and I feel like I have found the best thing I have ever set my eyes upon. It was a scene from a movie. Nothing could have been more perfect. The place mats wit the bits of history and odd animals to the typical when you thing of a female trucker walking by with 2 huge tattoo's of anchors on her forearms. To the kids eating eggs and hamburgers after a long night of partying.. I ask where were they. I am in the middle of nowhere. I eat and even with coffee, I crash in the across the front seat. Brush my teeth, turn the heat on and surrender to night. I awake a few hours later to a beautiful scene of the sun rising over a truck stop... where? I have no idea..... the start of another day

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