Thursday, February 26, 2009

shooting editorial on the alpine slopes of miami

Everyone wants a photo credit


  1. Ahhhhh......this subject matter, look, props, etc. have been done over and over again by MUCH better photographers. Original? NO. Another copy? YES.

  2. Gotta love the landfills.

    Bitter table of one, your table's ready.

  3. Bitter???? Hardly! You obviously don't look at magazines much, nor are aware of what has ALREADY been done. For example Photographer Tim Walker's work, the Zink Magazine issue of October 2005, Richard Burbridge, etc., etc. You don't beat a subject matter to death and then say you re doing "something new and creative". Bring a new perspective instead of the usual "girl standing in a box" shot.

  4. look dickwad. what really is original these days. Everyone robs the next guy. Big names show up to work with the inspirations on their iphones totting they just came up with this great idea, that they found 2 months previous in Numero.

    BTW.. Zink sucks and WHY wold you every look at it?

    do be so bitter to these guys and their blogs. Who are you Craig McDean or his assistant?

    please!!!! REMEMBER EVERYTHIING HAS BEEN DONE! it's just how it's redone

  5. You guys are funny. You're not even looking at the final product, just some 'behind the scenes' shot some assistant took. So judge when you've actually seen the photographer's final shot. Idiot. Oh yeah and Zink does suck some ass.

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