Wednesday, February 11, 2009


While the economy is in the stinker and everything I make goes to the IRS, I have been having a great time shooting this year. I have had some really exciting assignments, but really I have been true to my craft and been staying on course. The photographs have been amazing, more people are seeing my work, becoming more global. Wow.. kinda cool. But in the end for me it's all about photography and exposing myself to those whom see my work.
I never go into specifics of whom I shot for and I probably never will. I don't brag about whom I shoot and whom I work for because it's just that bragging and I have no room for it. Like I said it's all about the photographs.

here a few recents.

a campaign coming out soon.. billboard material..


latest cover


  1. I don't understand. Why would it be "bragging" to say who you've been working for? We see the magazine covers, and notes about editorial clients. It's YOUR BLOG, dude. We're here because we're interested. Besides that, mentioning some clients seems less "braggy" than saying "The photographs have been amazing," about your own work.....

    Just tell us!

  2. Shut it Derek and let the man blog on his own. Besides, the photos are amazing. :)

  3. You should work on both your manners and your reading comprehension.

    To make it simple for you: I'm encouraging him to blog MORE. You have a problem with THAT?

  4. Maybe you should work on your writing skills and learn to better get your point across.

  5. "Amazing" is not a word I'd use to describe any of the work I've seen so far on this blog. Perhaps a person might set higher standards of originality, execution, and concept BEFORE they so quickly use that word. I agree with Derek in his assessment that calling your own work "amazing" DOES seem quite braggy in my opinion.