Thursday, February 26, 2009


I heard some really fascinating news recently on our beloved industry of creatives and the agents whom push us. I am always on the inside scoop and dying to dish out. A blog needs to be started so everyone can add there inside editions that we all know about but seem to be too scared or nervous to say anything... Any ideas or if anyone knows of any good blogs let me know. Our industry is going down the fucking drain FAST. Agents are dropping off the face of the earth, taking millions of talents money with them. In the meantime photographers and producers and stabbing eachother in the back to make a buck. I have heard of a HUGE agency slashing prices to below 1000 a day for the photog just to get a job or how about all these assholes who will give a free day with studio and the rest just to get a client. I think it's about time for us all to tell them to go fuck themselves and man up and don't be a pussy. You are lowering out industry and soon the average dayrate will be 800 down from $8000. So if you hear of any of these people and I know who a lot of them are. Let's out them and get them the fuck out of photography. This depression is hard enough without having to worry about these scumbags.



  1. Amen... and ditto!
    Digital and the web did no favors to real photographers either....

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