Friday, August 3, 2007

Fine Art Representation by Peter Halpert Fine Art

hello all.... I am excited to share with you more great news today. I was recently discovered by Peter Halpert the gallery owner who discovered the legendary photographer Ryan McGinley. I was introduced to Peter by photographer Roberto De Luna a couple months ago. I got up my nerve and I contacted Peter about showing him some of my fine art work that had only been seen by a few select people. I was greatly encouraged to find a gallery, yet I never wanted to show my personal work. I was pushed in the direction of Peter Halpert the man behind the unbelievable success story of Ryan.

A few editing sessions and a few lunches led to my invitation for a solo exhibition
at Peter Halpert Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea in the spring of 2008. I seemed to have hooked into the best months to show in NYC. I got the prime spot of the year. CRAZYY
Esp if you know me.. it's crazy. So know I must draw a line between my fine art and my commercial work. EASY.. I love to shot and have fun. SO cheers to everyone who helped make that happen and cheers to picking up a camera.

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  1. you are an amazing talent Jeff... i wish you all the best :)